Author, Media Performance and Lifecoach


In 2010 while listening to an all too familiar story from a colleague, Liz realised more and more of the people around her were consistently burnt out and stressed.  This led to a swerve away from her career path and started a 5-year quest in retraining. 
First, she studied Psychology, and became something of an expert in Body Language.  In 2012 she achieved Licensed NLP Practitioner status, certified by Dr. Richard Bandler and finally, went on to gain additional certifications in Hypnotherapy and Transformative Life Coaching. 
She too is proud to be one of a handful mentored by the world-renowned life coach, Ali Campbell whose Transformative Life coaching style she says has been a revelation to learn. 
Liz is also the co-developer of the EqUa Approach® and on the 18th June is launching her book “Who Am I - Tales for those who feel lost” she is in charge of The EqUa Approach® Find your balance online coaching program which will be launched in the new year.

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